Happy Summer Everyone!!! How’s the weather where you are? So far it’s pretty mild where I live, but since I posted this comic, its gonna get hot. Also, I’m on DA, so if you would like to see my art works of little me go to
Hey everyone, I’m back!!!😊 I want to try something new with my comics with their subject matter. I will be making a Patreon and updating my website soon, so keep an eye out.
I’m not very articulate, especially this time of year. How about you?
Summer’s almost here. Any other last minute procrastinators?
Sometimes comic ideas are hard to come by. Luckily you can turn it into a comic. Ironically, I came up with many ideas after I finished this comic.
This felt so good because I feel this way every time I write a paper. How about you?

Happy Friday the 13th!!! Mine was really annoying. Photoshop wasn’t working so I couldn’t finish my original illustration.


Are you a party animal? I’m not🤣
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Happy belated April Fools!!! What pranks did you do on Sunday?

Happy Good Friday Everyone!!! Since Easter is on Sunday, I’m post two comics this week😊 If you’d like to see this week’s comic, go to

I can be such a stinker sometimes😂. I guess it makes chores a little more interesting.

Hey people, we are in the middle of competition season for high school show choirs. I loved choir so much, and one of the things I remember most is how much make up we had to wear, even the guys.


The time change has been kicking my butt. What makes it more annoying is that we do it for no reason whatsoever. How has the time change affected you?

Well, another Academy Awards has come and gone. Did you tune in?

I’m still trying to work off winter weight too🤣If you wanna see last weeks comic, go to

Any Magic the Gathering fans out there? If so, what color deck do you play with? My favorite deck is blue and green.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Pizza anyone? Maybe have it delivered though.

Here’s this week’s comic. Happy National Hot Chocolate Day.😄

I’m back everyone!!!

😄 Happy New Year!!! Have you broken your resolutions yet? Because I definitely have. The resolution I will try not break is to post a comic every Wednesday.


Here’s my last Christmas Comic.


Figures, I get sick during finals.


Uggg, I hate finals.


Happy Thanksgiving 😊🦃

What’s with all the Christmas stuff already?


Here’s my latest comic.









This was my first comic strip:)


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