2019 Comic Strips
This is part 1 of a 2 part comic. This depicts the dark side of yourself telling you to stop doing what you are doing.
This is the April Fools comic for 2019. I jumped on the bandwagon for the eye thing.
Milk or no milk...that is the question.
Failure is an important part of life, that way we can learn from our mistakes.
Actually, blue was the official color of St. Patrick. I don't think that will keep you from being pinched.
With all the crazy media now, it's hard to imagine all the work and thought that went into today's reality.
Sometimes my doggo gets distracted.
This is based off of what my dad did with his Valentine's day candy box.
Here is a redraw of a comic I did way back in 2017.
Don't donuts just mock you sometimes?
Have you ever noticed that you get more Valentine's as a kid?
You never know how long animating can take until after you finish.
When you a college student on a budget, deciding what to eat can be difficult. Your wallet and brain keep arguing while your stomach is hungry.
I still can't believe an egg is the most liked picture on Instagram.
Happy New Year!!! Have you broken your resolution yet?
2019 Single Frame Comics
2018 Comics
Isn't it nice when you get what you want for Christmas?
We don't really have an autumn in LA. It's more like second summer.
You don't have to worry about losing weight when you're a cartoon.
2017 Comics
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