5 Funny Comics that Totally Describe My Week

It’s finally Saturday and I need a whiplash collar after this week. Between my lack of sleep, my homework assignments, my chores, my inktober posts, and my technical issues, I’m pooped. Despite all these, I was able to find time to make funny comics for my blog because you need to laugh at life regardless of how annoying it can be. I’m guessing most of you will relate to these if you’ve ever had a stressful week in the fall.

1. Pumpkin Spice


I posted this one earlier in the week, but I wanted it to be in this post because it really describes my week. In the fall, I always want pumpkin spice coffee. This week, I had pumpkin spice coffee three times. I even have a shirt that says Pumpkin Spice Everything.

2. Stupid Technology


I think my main source of stress this week was all the technical issues. Between Adobe Animate (Flash) not exporting properly, Windows Movie Maker taking forever to export, and YouTube not uploading my video right, I wanted to rip my hair out.

3. I’m a Little Tired


Throughout high school, I’ve been pretty good at getting to bed on time( around 9/10 o’clock), but this week, I was getting to bed at almost midnight a couple of times. Granted, I know that most people my age do that regularly or stay up later, but I’m not used to that. I don’t believe in all-nighters.

4. Arguing with my Alarm Clock


Because I’ve been staying up late, it’s been easier for my to ignore my alarm clock. Thursday morning, I actually slept in an extra hour. Oops. I was still able to get to school on time though.

5. Bursting Schedule


It never fails, when someone wants me to do something or if I want to try something, it feels like I never have time. This is how I felt when I decided to do this post. The only reason why I was able to do this was because I drew these comics during class (I’m an A student and it’s how I pay attention).

So, in conclusion, this week was hard. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving break. I hope you found this post funny, and if you have any situations you want me to turn into a comic, just leave a comment. Until next time, say no to drugs, say yes to pumpkin spice:).

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